Lissa Coffey


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I am an author, but I typically don’t write marketing books. My books are all about personal growth, parenting, spirituality, alternative health care, family, topics like that. So why did I write this e-book? Because in the process of marketing my books I learned a lot. I learned things that I wish were just written out all in one place, that I could have referred to instead of spending time figuring it out on my own. Yes, I bought the Marketing books, and they all say the same thing – whether it’s 101 tips or 1001 tips – it’s nothing new.

Every time I meet a writer, I give out just a small piece of advice or direction from what I’ve learned, and every person says to me: “You should write a book about this!” They can’t believe the things that I do, and that no one else has ever suggested that they do. They end up taking furious notes, trying to get it all down so they don’t forget.

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