Lissa Coffey

"Marketing is the key to a successful writing career. When I started out as a writer I spent a lot of money on “how to” writer’s marketing books that were as much as 5 inches thick and while they contained a tremendous amount of information, most of it did not pertain to me.

Lissa Coffey has “cut to the chase” sharing the kind of actionable information that is most useful to the aspiring writer. When reading Marketing Secrets for Authors and Others I could hear the author’s voice speaking to me, personally! I wish I had a book like this when I started out…..I could have saved a lot of time and money!"

Marie Oser
Best Selling author, Nationally Syndicated Columnist, and media personality


"Lissa Coffey pursues and achieves excellence as both a writer and a marketer. Now, with her e-book "Marketing Secrets For Authors and Others," she teaches you how to do the same. This work is an invaluable guide to any writer who wishes to enter today's media world. Lissa Coffey distills what you really need to know in a way that is succinct and appealing. She is a True Educator!"

- Thomas Brennan, Tom Brennan Media, Santa Monica, California

"Lissa Coffey's e-book on marketing is a must-read for any author who wants to promote his or her books. The methods she recommends are highly effective and market-proven from her own experience of book promotion. I am recommending "Marketing Secrets for Authors and Others" to each of my own authors."

Barbara Neighbors Deal, President, Senior Agent
Literary Associates


"I've worked with Lissa Coffey for a couple of years now and --until I read "Marketing Secrets for Authors and Others"--didn't realize what a wealth of information she was sitting on! I thought I knew it all, but I learned a lot about Internet book marketing! Lissa Coffey gives very specific examples and step-by-step instructions on how to cash in on these marketing opportunities. For $8.00, you can't afford not to get this book to learn unique ways to promote YOUR book."

Mary Hughes
Public Relations and Marketing Specialist
Hughes Consulting